About Us

Our Story

Beginning in a one room office at the local YWCA, the Elgin-St. Thomas Youth Employment Counseling Centre opened its doors in 1986. Originally offering services to youth, the agency’s purpose broadened to serving all unemployed and underemployed in Elgin County. Our office has relocated six times and currently is located at 400 Talbot Street, St. Thomas. The West Lorne satellite location was opened in 1999.

We deliver Employment Ontario’s Employment Services Programs. These provincially funded programs assist individuals of all ages in finding employment. This is accomplished through access to resources and information as well as free access to employment counseling, a variety of employment workshops and assistance with job matching and placements.

With its long history of employment counseling and community involvement in a variety of projects, Employment Services Elgin has solidified its expertise in delivering relevant programming, and continues to evolve to best serve clients in a constantly changing labour market.

Ready to start the next chapter in your career?

Employment Services Elgin offers a wide range of services to jobseekers, including in-house workshops and appointments with specialists who can help you with the next steps on your career journey.